Be a Provincial Tournament Coordinator

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Guidelines for Provincial Tournament Coordinators:

How Many Teams Can Participate ?

For 1-day-futsal-cups (15 minutes per game) Group Stage Single Round Robin, Semis, Finals.
1 Match day can have 8 Men’s Teams (Group A&B) and 8 Women’s Teams ( Group Y&Z).

Each City must run a minimum of at least (4) four 1-day-futsal-cups within a calendar year.

How do teams sign-up ?

Teams must fully accomplish a registration & waiver form.

Who can take part ?

The tournament is open to any amateur futsal team. No professional players may enter under any circumstances. All players must be a resident in the city they are representing.

What is the exact format ? What will be provided ?

You will be provided with a complete Tournament pack which will include a complete set of tournament rules, brand guidelines, terms & conditions. We will not provide you with any physical branding but we will provide you with all the branding design files (artwork).

How much is the entry fee ?

This is for you to decide depending on the costs you incur for running the tournament. However entry fees must first be approved by the National Committee.

Can we bring additional sponsors ?

Yes, however these must all be approved by the National Committee & exact details on this will be found in your terms & conditions.

Do provincial teams receive giveaways ?

The teams which make the National Finals will be provided with event jerseys aside from free registration fee and free room accommodation during the Finals.

When & Where should the qualifying tournaments be ?

All tournaments must take place between February to October .
It is up to you to source a regulation futsal size goals and covered court to use.

What is the prize for the Provincial Champion Team ?

The entire winning team (max. 10 players & 2 officials) will advance to the National Finals & compete against other winning teams from across the Philippines.

How much does it cost to be the official provincial coordinator ?

There will be no annual fee in the first (3) years.
You just have to organize in 1 calendar year a minimum of:
1 coaching/refereeing seminar,
4 tournaments,
3 futsal clinic for kids

Can we make a profit ?

Absolutely… treat this as any of other football tournaments. You are in charge of everything from venue to staffing to promotion & you keep all the entry fees.

How can we benefit from this project ?

Be part of the largest year long futsal tournament in the Philippines to raise your brand awareness.

  • Benefit from the nationwide PFA social media campaign to get recognized.
  • Expand your database of current futsal teams for future events.
  • Attract new sponsors & partners to your organization.
  • Form new business relationships with brands recognized nationwide.
  • Differentiate yourselves from your competitors.

How are we selecting provincial coordinators ?

  • A number of potential sports organizations in each of the provinces will be identified.
  • We will then contact these organizations to assess their potential based on criteria such as past events & credentials.
  • There will then be an official invitation to the selected organization.
  • Terms & conditions will be sent over along with a MOA to be signed and returned.

What do we do next ?

  • Once your organization has been selected to be the official provincial coordinator of your province you will be sent a MOA which must be signed and returned.
  • We will then send you the official tournament pack which will include everything you will need to run the tournament e.g. tournament logos, brand guidelines, example schedules & promotional material.
  • We will not provide you with any physical branding but we will provide you with all the branding design files (artwork).
  • Set dates to run your (1-4-3)
    -1 coaching/refereeing seminar,
    -4 tournaments,
    -3 futsal clinic for kids.
  • Start promoting.

How do we get involved ?

The PFA National Committee will select one sports organization in each of the provinces to be the official provincial coordinator. You can register your interest by emailing all your details, plans & schedules:           for (PFCWC) Pilipinas Futsal Cup Winners Cup             for (PFL) Premier Futsal League for PFA Youth Cup for (PSFAC) Philippine Schools Futsal Association



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