Futsal Projects


A 10 year futsal development program which tackles 10 points in successfully promoting Futsal.

We can create a program tailor-made for your area.

We can create an event which targets your specific target market.

We are capable of creating any project that will target any of these categories.

  • Grassroots Development
  • Coaches Education
  • Referees Education
  • Educating the Youth through Futsal
  • Tournaments
  • Professional League
  • Success of the National Team
  • Marketing
  • Futsal Products
  • Futsal Partners from Abroad

Please click here to know more about ONE GOAL PILIPINAS.


1 thought on “Futsal Projects

  1. This sounds promising! in line with ONE GOAL PILIPINAS, there is a summer project the Ateneo futsal program wants to implement. We hope that Pilipinas Futsal may be willing to make mutually positive relations for the betterment of the sport in our country via schools such as ours. thank you! 🙂

    **you may respond directly to the given email for better correspondence.

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