PFCWC Bataan Leg 2014

PFCWC Bataan Leg 2014
February 22 & 23, March 1 & 2.

PFCWC Bataan

We congratulate FUTSAL de BATAAN for their efforts to Promote Futsal in Bataan.
Thank you very much to Mayor Gila Garcia, Vice Mayor Rey Matawaran, Councilor Inza Cruz & SB Members for helping in the development of Futsal.

PFCWC Bataan 2

The PFCWC officers will visit the PFCWC Bataan Leg on March 1 & 2 inorder to oversee the Tournament and make suggestions for improvements. We will also organize meetings there inorder to formulate a more comprehensive BATAAN FUTSAL PROGRAM.

Pictures 016 Pictures 014 Pictures 015

Futsal de Bataan Officers:
President-Luther Movera
VP-Colonel Elchico
Secretary-Regina Baldemoro
Treasurer-Glenda Marcelo
Auditor-Bernard Gigante

Arriba Futsalista !


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