PFA joins the National Youth Commission in the Fight Against Drugs

Pilipinas Futsal Association Joins The National Youth Commission

in the Fight Against Drugs.


PFA Officials attended this Seminar last March 6, 2013

at the FEU University Conference Center.



The National Youth Council have so many Great Projects for the Filipino Youth.

The Role of NYC Towards Nation-Building:
The NYC provides the youth with opportunities to be an active partner in nation-building through youth programs and projects that will develop and harness their potentials and enable them to be of great service to their country and community.

The creation of new policies and advocacy for youth development also allows the NYC to push for reforms and the creation of new measures to implement better services for the youth and the communities.

The guest speakers were
Ms. Myrna P. Quinto – I AS Dean
Hon. Paquito N. Ochoa Jr.
Usec. Lesley Jeanne Y .Cordero-Vice Chair MTRCB Appeals Committee

Ms. Geraldine Go Bernardo an Executive Director of the Philippine Olympic Committee talked about the topic.


Showing the importance of Sports. She also expounded on the fact that Life Lessons can be Taught Through Sports. She really is a passionate advocate for Sports Development. Ms. Dina also gave Coach Xarex Velasquez of Pilipinas Futsal Association a few minutes to talk about Futsal (indoor football). Coach Xarex explained why futsal is the easiest grassroots program for football.

Why Futsal ?
1) Abundance of covered courts in the Philippines.
Futsal can  be played in any basketball covered courts.
Therefore it is easier to find a regular practice venue.
2) Everyone already have rubber shoes.
Futsal can be played instantly by anyone.
No need to buy an expensive football shoes.
3) Futsal creates a complete player. A player who can both defend & attack.
4) Futsal can be played anywhere, anytime by anyone.
Futsal requires lesser players.
Futsal is only 5 vs. 5 players,
therefore it is easier to organize a futsal game instead of the 11 vs. 11 players in football.
5) Futsal is fast-paced & high scoring, which is ideal to Filipino spectators.
Futsal will be more fun to watch,
plus with a smaller playing area, the players are closer to the spectators.
6) Futsal is the most efficient grassroots development for football.
A Futsal Development Program for kids is more cost-efficient.
7) Futsal is safer and is a lesser contact sport than football.
Therefore, Futsal can also be played by women.

Coach Xarex also said that they are willing to assist anyone who is willing to start a futsal program in their area. The PFA is truly “Bringing Futsal Closer to Filipinos”.



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