2012 Provincial Tournaments

2012 Provincial Tournaments:

PFCWC 2012 – 3rd Qualifier – May 12 – 26, 2012
at STI Court Naga City

PFCWC 2012 – 4th Qualifier July 28 & 29, 2012
at Lapu Lapu City Sports Center Cebu

Men’s Open: Champion- USC 1st Runner-up Don Bosco Cebu

Women’s Open: Champion – USC; 1st Runner-up – San Roque

PFCWC 2012 – 7th Qualifier September 29 –October 6 at Don Bosco Cebu Gym

Mens Champion: USC
Women’s Champion: USC
Boys u-14: Don Bosco Cebu
Boys u-10; Don Bosco Cebu.

PFCWC 2012 – 8th  Qualifier September 1, 2012 at Don Bosco Tarlac Gym

Champion – Tarlac FC
2nd – Tarlac United
3rd -TSU – College of Engineering

PFCWC 2012 – 9th Qualifier September 15 – October 21, 2012
at Subic Bay Gyms (Brgy. Mabayuan & Brgy. Pag Asa)

Champion – Amihan FC
2nd – Lighthouse FC
3rd – Lindberg FC

PFCWC 2012 – 10th  Qualifier on December 2, 2012 at Metrosports Lahug, Cebu

Group Tables:
Group A: Netherlands, China, Germany, Spain
Group B: Japan, Korea, Philippines, Brazil

In line with the mission of promoting Futsal in the Philippines, we decided to organize a “mini world cup” tournament instead, adding a little twist to make the event more interesting and colorful. This world cup event will be held annually, in addition to the 4-5 planned tournaments that will be pushing through in 2013. For this 1st tournament, a total of 8 teams participated.  However, we are looking to include more teams (16-32) for the future events. In order to make it more realistic in future, there is a plan to require each country represented to have players from that origin. This will also promote unity, harmony and friendship with the various “countries” players.

On the actual day, only 6 teams turned up. The other 2 teams defaulted due to prior engagements of the Aboitiz Cup that resulted in a schedule conflict. Nevertheless, it was a fun-filled tournament, with Japan being crowned the Champions, Germany as Runners-Up, and Brazil as Third place.

This again proves that Cebu is determined and committed to Futsal, and is going all out to bring the sport to the next higher level. The planned tournaments for 2013 will also include a College Futsal League, which is currently in the initial planning stages. The others will follow the PFCWC format, of 4 regional elimination legs leading to the National Finals.


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