2012 Wish List of Pilipinas Futsal

2012 Wish List of Pilipinas Futsal

We hope that 2012 will be a great year for Futsal.
But, we cannot do it alone, we need everyone’s cooperation.

Here are a few of our simple wishes that we believe can make a big difference.

  1. We wish that the teams will dress appropriately in tournaments.

    We hope that teams will do their best to at least follow international standards.* Always wearing Shinguards.Wearing same sets of uniforms & Jerseys having player numbers.It is a big eyesore to see players on the same team wearing different colors of socks & shorts. It gives a very negative impression to potential sponsors & spectators. Imagine, their first time to watch a live football / futsal game & they see a very disorganized team.(This is not very hard to accomplish, players should just have the desire to be coordinated with the teams. Just show your individuality through your shoes, but wear the same colored jersey, shorts & socks with your team.)Teams, should already decide on an agreed team color of shorts & socks, so that the next time a player buys these gears, they will stick with the team colors.

    For example, a team just announces that shorts & socks will just be ALL BLACK, then their alternate set of shorts & socks will be ALL WHITE.

  2. We wish that teams will try to get team sponsors. Let us also try to market our own football / futsal teams. Even small companies would want to have their company names on a football jersey. Besides, these uniforms will be used in multiple tournaments. Seeing a variety of jerseys with corporate sponsors is a great indication that football / futsal is getting more popular.
  3. We wish that players & teams confirm their participation to tournaments early. In international competitions, teams have already finalized their lineup at least a month before the tournament. This gives the organizing committee more time to prepare & plan better to ensure a more organized tournament.For 1 day leagues. A finalized complete registration of teams means:-A finalized game schedule.Therefore, all teams do not have to be at the venue at 8am. We can inform every team the exact time of their first game. Also, we can even try to lengthen the game duration from just 12 minutes per game to 2 halves of 10 minutes. Teams can also relax & schedule their lunch, since they already know the exact time of their succeeding games.
  4. We wish that all players become goodwill ambassadors of the game.We need to show everyone that the football / futsal community are a group of people who are organized, professional & cooperative.Our core values: G. E. T. InToG-odlinessE-xcellenceIn-tegityTo-gether* We should play tough but not rough. Play hard but not ugly.
    * We shake hands before & after the game.
    * We may be warriors on the field, but off the field we can still be friends.
    * Being ambassadors, we speak good things about football / futsal only.
    * We should rid ourselves of the negativity and have a positive mindset towards the development of football / futsal
  5. We wish that teams find their own home court.For players to improve they should have regular practices. An ordinary covered baranggay basketball court will be enough. It is easy to convert these basketball courts into futsal courts, just put 2 markers at the end of each baseline and you can already play futsal. Constructing Futsal goals will just follow soon.
  6. We wish that Futsalistas will also have a Social Responsibility to help others.Sports is a great tool in re-educating the youth. We believe that football / futsal  can teach our Filipino youth many positive traits.(determination, goal oriented, cooperation, respect for authority and many more)Teams should organize free futsal clinics in their home court. This is a good way of showing the community that you care. We are willing to assist you.Futsal teams can also participate in various outreach programs in their community.The direction of Pilipinas Futsal is to have more community-based teams.
  7. We wish that teams will develop a grassroots developmental youth team.Grassroots development should really be the direction inorder to strengthen the national team. But it also has so many benefits. Teaching our youth to get into sports & have a healthy lifestyle. We are already organizing a youth futsal tournaments for 2012.

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