Pilipinas Futsal Association

An Association of passionate & professional Filipinos & Philippine Futsal Teams.

  • Dedicated in Promoting, Developing & Popularizing FUTSAL.
  • Designed to encourage beginners to play FUTSAL & encourage past football players to again actively play.
  • Aimed at providing competitive FUTSAL TOURNAMENTS.


Conceptualized and Created on November 2010 by Xarex Velasquez, who saw a great potential in FUTSAL. He saw that FUTSAL players do not have an organized tournament to join in, so he created a series of futsal cups. Not only did the tournament called PFCWC (Pilipinas Futsal Cup Winners Cup) attract beginners in futsal it also revived the thirst for fitness and love of the game for those former football players who have since retired from any sports activity.

Also, with the ULTIMATE GOAL of popularizing FUTSAL. He formed PILIPINAS FUTSAL ASSOCIATION composed of professionals who are experts in different fields, with its motto. “BRINGING FUTSAL CLOSER TO FILIPINOS”.

The PFCWC was originally planned to be a tournament in Metro Manila only. But with interest in areas as far as Ilocos in the North and Cagayan de Oro in the South, it has now blossomed into a Nationwide Competition with tournament Legs in Subic, Naga, Bicol Region, Cebu and Davao. For 2012 we are planning to expand to more provinces and with our proven formula for success in staging futsal tournaments, our provincial coordinators are assured of a well organized tournament.

PILIPINAS FUTSAL ASSOCIATION is not limited to just organizing futsal tournaments. We also want the provinces to develop their own futsal program and make futsal an alternative sport for the youth to be involved in, rather than doing vices. “EDUCATING THE YOUTH THROUGH FUTSAL”. We believe that sport teaches many traits that is essential for success. (determination, respect for authority, goal oriented, camaraderie, integrity and many more…).

For 2012, we will again have a new tournament with a new concept. Every year, we will expand our tournaments or start another new tournament until we have involved all the different age groups. PILIPINAS FUTSAL ASSOCIATION will be tackling all the necessary ingredients in popularizing the sport, from tournaments, to futsal projects, marketing, organization, grassroots development, coaches education, referees development and many more.

We pride ourselves of creating a comprehensive 10 year Futsal Development Program.  We are continuously getting inputs from our provincial coordinators inorder to align their plans with our Nationwide Futsal Development Program. We are also trying to tap the local government in having a partnership for our barangay futsal programs. We are now in contact with people from other countries who are willing to help us achieve our goals.

There is still a long way to go, it will be hard, there will be many obstacles. But we do believe that we are doing something good for the Filipino people. Nevertheless, we will move on, because we know that you will be there to support us. We are all doing this for the love of the game. We do believe that Filipinos can be great in Futsal. Also, Futsal can help in improving the lives of our many Filipino youth. “TOGETHER WE WILL BUILD THE HOUSE OF PILIPINAS FUTSAL “.  Arriba Futsalista !


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