The idea & tag line of ”Bring Futsal Closer to Filipinos” has slowly gained positive interest. We have just finished the 1st-Leg of the Philippine Futsal Cup Winner’s Cup,which is held in various covered courts in Metro Manila, but I have already been interviewed by a newspaper, magazine & an international TV news company.

I have always told them that Futsal will complement Football and they agreed that futsal is the easier option in the grassroots development of Football due to the fact that the Philippines has an abundance of basketball courts as oppose to the scarcity of football fields.

Just by putting 2 goals on a covered basketball court, you can already play.

To start with, we just need a local barangay to let us use their covered basketball court every Saturday morning to TEACH FUTSAL TO KIDS. Inorder for the project to succeed, they should dedicate Saturdays 8-10am for futsal use only, so that the kids can regularly play. Then we move on to the next barangay, then the next city, then the next province.

Then we organize a futsal tournament in their barangay.

Futsal can be the foundation of Football in the Philippines.

Hopefully, this is just the start of greater things to come, I do hope that support will eventually come-in.

Arriba Futsal !!!


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